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Our Soccer Program

Attention Soccer Athletes:  Fall soccer schedule dates have changed!  Updated schedule available below!

Goal: Give our athletes the opportunity to have fun experiencing and participating in two levels of youth soccer competition: regular and unified.

2014 Dates:

Spring Registration: January 4 - February 2

Spring Game Days: March 1 - April 12 (no games March 22)

Fall Registration:  June 7 - July 5

Unified I and II Skill Assessment*:  to be announced

Fall Game Days:  August 16 - September 21st

 *Skill assessment:  Any player within any of the leagues can come to the skills assessment.  Player must be able to meet requirements shown below in the unified section.

Soccer Schedules and Guidelines

2014 Fall Schedules

Unified I Soccer Schedule   -   Unified II Soccer Schedule
Regular Soccer Schedule   -   Wheelchair/Walker Soccer Schedule

Unified Soccer Guideline - Unified Soccer Scores

Unified Scores and Standings

Games: Our games are approximately one hour long including water breaks and half time. At this time, all games are played "indoors" on Saturday mornings at The FieldHouse USA located as 6155 Sports Village Road Frisco Texas 75033.  Unified I and II, per direction of the team coaches will have the opportunity to have practices..

Buddies: Community groups and volunteers serve as Buddies to assist the players on two of our three soccer divisions. (see details below)

Leagues: Our soccer program is divided into three leagues.

Wheelchair and Walker League: Designed for those athletes that require the use of a wheel chair or walker for mobility. Each athlete will be assigned a Buddy for assistance.

Regular League: The largest of the three leagues. This league is designed to teach the athletes the rules of the game and sportsmanship. Each player is assigned a Buddy for assistance. 

Unified League: Unified Soccer is now divided into two leagues:  Unified I and Unified II. The difference between the two areas is mainly size and skill level.

Skill Sessions and Assessments will be conducted by the Director of Soccer and the Unified Coaches for any player at any level desiring to move into Unified Soccer I or II. Players wishing to play in the Unified League need to be able to meet the following criteria:

Unified League I and II is designed for the athletes that have the basic understanding of the rules of the game and have the physical mobility as well as the cognitive awareness to move up and down the soccer field without assistance.  Skills and ability development are stressed.  These two divisions are competitive, scores are kept without losing the enjoyment of participation.  Athletes on Unified I and II are NOT assigned a buddy.

Teams: We try to limit each team from 8-12 players, but  we will limit the number of players on the field to 6 per team.

Registration: During the registration period for this activity, click on the “registration” link on the home page of this website. Cost per player is $40.00. Scholarships are available upon request.


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