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July 6 - August 10, 2019

Ggoal: To provide a supervised, safe environment for our athletes to have fun experiencing and participating in youth bowling.


Bowling is at Main Event in Frisco which is located on the Northeast corner of Main Street and the Dallas North Tollway. Games begin at 8:30 AM each scheduled Saturday.


Athletes will bowl for one hour. Athletes participating in bowling will bowl on the same lane every week. Scores are kept by computer and printouts can requested from Main Event personnel. Bumpers will be used for all bowlers. Ball ramps are available for any athlete that requires the use of one. Bowlers who know how to bowl and would prefer not to use the bumpers can request them to be brought down for their turn.


Buddies will be assigned to a lane rather than an athlete. Multiple buddies may be assigned if the need arises. Buddies may bowl in the place of an absent athlete as long as they wear the proper shoes. One athlete and one buddy on the approach at a time.


Advanced: This is our most competitive division. Kids who play in this group are typically a little older (middle school/high school) however we do also have elementary school kids in Advanced. There are no buddies on the field at all during Unified I games. Athletes in Advanced have a good understanding of the game and are able to follow directions with minimal assistance. Teams in this league attempt to practice one time per week.


Intermediate: This is our intermediate division (previously U2). Children are basically ready for the intermediate league once they no longer need an individual buddy. Kids who play in this league are still learning the rules of the game but they have a basic understanding of the sport. This is a great place for those kids who still need assistance on the field but don’t need the constant support of a 1:1 buddy. The intermediate league also plays on a reduced size field and the emphasis is on continuing to develop player skills. Teams in this league may practice 1 additional time per week depending upon sport and field availability.


Buddy: All players in this league are assigned a buddy.  There is no experience necessary to play in this league.  This is a good choice for those individuals who are new to the sport or have never played the sport.

Wheelchair/Walker: As the name implies, all of our athletes in wheelchairs, walkers, or with limited mobility play in this division. Depending on the sport, the field size is sometimes reduced and all players are assigned a buddy. No prior experience is necessary.

Bowling shirts are official uniform quality and can be used for each season. If your athlete outgrows the shirt a larger size can be provided at the start of the season.

Shoe rental is included with registration. Athletes may proceed to the main desk to retrieve their shoes prior to moving to their assigned lane.

Lane assignments will be sent out prior to the first game of the season via email. Extra volunteers will also be on hand at the beginning of each season in order to help direct new athletes through the process and to their assigned lane.

Please be considerate of other parents and guests who are present each week and remain in the carpeted areas behind the bowling ball racks if you are not able to sit at one of the tables or needed to assist your child. This is for safety and insurance reasons, but it also allows everyone a clear view and the ability to take pictures.



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Have questions? Contact your Director of Bowling.

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Our league offers full or partial scholarships to all who need. Contact our Director of Bowling for more information on scholarships.

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Because every child deserves the chance to play. The Miracle League of Frisco is a sports organization for special needs children from the ages of 5 through age 19. Our goal is to provide a positive experiencefor the children that participate in our league. Our League offers baseball, soccer, bowling, football, basketball, track and soon golf. Eligible players are any child with special needs (with all levels of disabilities) that reside throughout the North Texas area.